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Only refresh table

I been looking online for a long time for Javascript or other scripting method to accomplish this however I have yet to find anything. Everything I find seems complicated and is reloading info from a database. In my mind it should be very simple. I have a website built to display wait times for restaurants around my property. Inside the website I have a table with embedded links to text files. I use an HTA application to rewrite the text files to update the wait times. I need to automatically refresh the browser without creating the flash of the webpage reloading. Is there anyway to do this?

My coding is super basic:

<blah <blah> <blah>

<th> blah blah </th>
<td> <src embed something.html> </td>
</blah </blah> </blah>

If this isn't possible can I cache the background?

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As other people have said, you have to use AJAX for that.

Here, you have a very simple AJAX example that does something very similar to what you want.

You just have to set a timer to regularly update these files. This site has a very simple library to set up a timer.

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