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Python Question

Is it possible to specify the previous directory python?

I am attempting to make a Python testing script module self-contained directory-wise for scalability and maintainability purposes.

I have done some research and haven't been able to find the answer i'm looking for. Basically, I would like to determine if there is a function in Python that can do something similar to

cd -
in shell.

I would generally like to avoid typing in full path-names, and have all the paths relative to a specified environment.

I have my main directory where my scripts are located
, I have folders for each testing environment
, and a screenshot folder for each testing environment

If i wanted to save a screenshot to the screenshot with Python, while working in the
directory, I would just send it to the directory below:
, using the path
. The problem is that I don't understand how to move back a directory.

Thank you.

Answer Source

You're looking to change the working directory? The OS module in python has a lot of functions to help with this.

import os
os.chdir( path )

path being ".." to go up one directory. If you need to check where you are before/after a change of directory you can issue the getcwd() command:

mycwd = os.getcwd()
#do stuff in parent directory
os.chdir(mycwd)     # go back where you came from
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