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C# Question

StringStream in C#

I want to be able to build a string from a class that I create that derives from

. Specifically, I want to be able to write code like this:

void Print(Stream stream) {
// Some code that operates on a Stream.

void Main() {
StringStream stream = new StringStream();
string myString = stream.GetResult();

Can I create a class called
that makes this possible? Or is such a class already available?

Update: In my example, the method
is provided in a third-party external DLL. As you can see, the argument that
expects is a
. After printing to the
, I want to be able to retrieve its content as a string.

Answer Source

You can use a StringWriter to write values to a string. It provides a stream-like syntax (though does not derive from Stream) which works with an underlying StringBuilder.

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