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Achieving Rest using Angularjs and Java

I am a Angularjs Intermediate learner looking forward to learn REST web services in Angularjs using Java as backend language, But googled through many websites I couldn't get a clear view of how to achieve REST Web services By taking AngularJs as a frontend and Java as a backend.Moreover, I am getting raw content which can't get any idea of it.

So Which framework should I go with if it's java as a backend ?

And do I need to use any database for Rest web service ?

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Well, I think you should change the way you think. Angularjs will work with any rest no matter its back-end lagnuage. Angularjs can preform all the rest operations using $http. You can check the documentation for this purpose here.

For the Java Part. I think you should get deep in JAVA EE. Although my personal recommendation is to try to learn more new technologies like : Node.js , , Python and PHP, as JAVA EE is not that popular these days.

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