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List the content of a directory specified by loop indices

I'm working with numerical weather forecast named as follow:


-MM stands for month from 01 to 12

-DD stands for days from 01 to 31

-IIII stands for initialisation time, the first and second digits are for hours the third and last are for minutes

-FFFF stands for forecast hour , the first and second digits are for hours the third and last are for minutes

In my directory I have several files for a given days of a given months. A day has 4 data, one at every six hours IIII=0000 ,0600,1200,1800.

What I'm trying to do is to list all files of a given days, here the f90 code I wrote:

program test_ec

implicit none

!==variable declaration==

integer :: mi,di,dil,mil
character*3 :: temp

!==Program instructions==

write(temp,'(i2.2)') mil
read(temp,'(i2.2)') mi
!convert the month into a two digit value mi=01

! change to directory where the data are stored
CALL chdir('/media/Hello/ncfiles/GFS' )

do dil=1,31

!loop over days
write(temp,'(i2.2)') dil
read(temp,'(i2.2)') di

! converting day number into a two digit number, store this value into di. ex dil=9 then di=09

CALL execute_command_line( 'ls sub_gfsanl_4_2011${mi}${di}*.nc > yes.txt' )
!list all files with the correct month and days and store it to yes.txt

end do

end program test_ec

For some reasons the
doesn't seem to like the $ for variable...

Answer Source

You cannot use ${mi}${di} in shell. They are Fortran variables, not shell variables. You must put the numbers into the string inside Fortran. Use some of the established methods. They were treated here many times in Converting Integers to strings in Fortran and its duplicates (see Related on the right).

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