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Disable SSH key authentification for one user

For now, I use key authentification for all my server users and it worked very well. Today I've just added a git service which job is to serve git repository for everyone : internal users of my server and external.

I've created a Git user for all the git purpose (daemon, cgit, etc...)
The problem is that when people want to clone one of my repository, because of the sshd_config, the server check the ~/.ssh/authorized_key file and I just know that it's unthinkable to stock all the public key of foreign users in this file.

So, is there a way to specify that only the Git user of my server has the right to connect without any key authentification and password ?

In advance, I apologize for my English.

Answer Source

Can't try it right now (no linux maschine) but this at the end of your sshd_config should allow password login for the git user only

Match user git
    PasswordAuthentication yes

see the man pages. If you want to allow password access for a git group you can replace user with group.

If you add

PermitEmptyPasswords yes

to the Match group you can login as git without password.

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