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Access to a webpage's frame document without navigating to this webpage

The title might be confusing, but it's not just an impression.
I had a previous post about this but the core problem is actually deeper than this.

Basically I have a big code in which I navigate to an intranet webpage from my company ( let's call this webpage the Start webpage).

I then provide username and password information and click on the "login" button. Clicking on the login button will create a new webpage in a NEW window. We will call this new webpage the Main webpage.

The Main webpage contains all the important information I want to get while the Start webpage is now useless to me.

First challenge here was then to "activate" or "select" the Main webpage since the Start webpage was still activated. The Main webpage has obviously a URL but it's impossible to directly navigate to it, so that's why I talk about "activation" or "selection" of the webpage. I managed to do this with the help of that forum's post

If you have any questions about it let me know, but it's not the problem of this post.

So with the Main webpage activated, I want to click on an element to display more information. This element is embedded in the frame postfachcontent.
See Main Page HTML document Overview and Zoom on part to click on.

In my previous post mentioned above, I tried to do this but got familiar with "embedded" elements who made the task harder.

With the help of other members, I figured out there could be 2 ways to get in the postfachcontent frame :

  1. By selecting child by child the frames :

    Set w = IEWindowFromLocation(path)

    Dim IEDoc As HTMLDocument
    Set IEDoc = w.document ' w is the so called Main webpage that I selected peviously in the code

    Dim SubFramesCollection As HTMLWindow2
    Dim GoodFrame As HTMLWindow2
    Dim Postfachcontent_Frame As HTMLWindow2

    Set SubFramesCollection = IEDoc.frames ' the length of this is 3 since it contains the 3 main frames
    Set GoodFrame = SubFramesCollection(1).frames ' this contains the 2 frames of the "contentframe" frame so length = 2
    Set Postfachcontent_Frame = GoodFrame(1)

    Doc2 = Postfachcontent_Frame.document

But the problem here is that once I accessed to the frame I got confused on how to actually select the element of the table and click on it

  1. By "navigating" to a new webpage which would be a reduced version of the Main webpage only focusing on the frame I am interested in so navigating to Main Webpage URL & contentframe.src (or postfachcontent.src).

But the problem here, as I said above, is that I can't navigate to the Main webpage directly so I thought I could try to declare a New InternetExplorer window and give it a location without actually navigating to the page ( but it doesn't work unfortunately). Attempt below :

Set w = IEWindowFromLocation(path)

Dim IEDoc As HTMLDocument
Dim IEDok As HTMLDocument
Set IEDoc = w.document

Dim ContentFramesCollection As IHTMLElementCollection
Dim ContentFrame As HTMLFrameElement
Dim PostFachContentFramesCollection As IHTMLElementCollection

Set ContentFramesCollection = IEDoc.getElementsByName("contentframe") ' this works and returns 1 item which is the frame called contentframe, so it s a collection of element containing 1 element only
' MsgBox ContentFramesCollection.Length ' returns 1

If Not ContentFramesCollection Is Nothing Then

Set ContentFrame = ContentFramesCollection(0) ' Here we isolate the unique item contained in MainFramesCollection and store it in a single element called ContentFrame
MsgBox w.document.Location & ContentFrame.src
'On Error Resume Next
Set w2.document.Location = w.document.Location & ContentFrame.src
'MsgBox Err.Description ' returns automation error unspecified error

Set IEDok = w2.document
Set PostFachContentFramesCollection = IEDok.getElementsByName("postfachcontent")
MsgBox PostFachContentFramesCollection.Length ' returns 0...oops

End If

Thanks for reaching that line and any help is welcome !

Seb Seb
Answer Source

SOLUTION : For those it might interest, I found with the help of dee and the asnwer of Tim Williams on here a way to click on one of the multiple possible elements containing a "onclick" property.

For the greedy ones, here's the straight in-one-line solution which lists the clickable elements :


where IEDoc is the HTML document of the Main webpage.

Remarks :

  1. In order to get this final solution, I had to do some tests to see which type I was dealing with to make sure I knew what I was doing. You can see these tests steps in the following code sample as well as their displayed result in the MsgBox in comment :

    MsgBox TypeName(IEDoc.getElementsByName("contentframe")(0)) ' returns HTMLFrameElement
        MsgBox IEDoc.getElementsByName("contentframe")(0).document.getElementsByName("postfachcontent").Length ' 0
        MsgBox IEDoc.frames(1).frames.Length ' returns 2
        MsgBox TypeName(IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1)) ' HTMLWindow2
        MsgBox TypeName(IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable")) ' HTMLDivElement
        MsgBox TypeName(IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").getElementsByName("result")) ' error
        MsgBox TypeName(IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")) 'DispElementcollection
         MsgBox TypeName(IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById
    ("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0)) ' HTMLFormElement
     MsgBox TypeName(IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).getElementsByClassName("resultRow")) ' error
      MsgBox TypeName(IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).document.getElementsByClassName("resultRow")) ' error
    MsgBox TypeName(IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).document) ' HTMLDocument
    Result_Form_Doc = IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).document ' error
    IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).Click ' works...but no click
    MsgBox TypeName(IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).document.getElementsByTagName("tr")) ' DispHTMLElementCollection
    MsgBox IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).document.getElementsByTagName("tr").Length ' 12...weird...I counted 2
    IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).document.querySelector("td[onclick='cView(62972172,'0', viewButton, '' );']").Click ' error
    MsgBox TypeName(IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).document.querySelector("td[onclick='cView(62972172,'0', viewButton, '' );']")) 'error
     MsgBox IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).document.getElementsByTagName("td").Length '42...counted 34
    MsgBox IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).document.getElementsByTagName("table").Length ' 4...counted 1
    IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).document.getElementsByTagName("td")(30).Click ' WORKSSSSS
    MsgBox IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).document.getElementsByTagName("td").querySelectorAll("td[onclick='cView(62972172,'0', viewButton, '' );']").Length ' error
    MsgBox IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).document.getElementsByTagName("td").querySelectorAll("td[rowSpan='1']").Length ' error
    MsgBox TypeName(IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).document.getElementsByTagName("td")) ' DispHTMLElementCollection
    Dim Elem_td As IHTMLElement
    Dim el As Integer, ind As Integer
    Dim align_center_collection()
    el = 0
    ind = 0
    For Each Elem_td In IEDoc.frames(1).frames(1).document.getElementById("notPrintable").document.getElementsByName("result")(0).document.getElementsByTagName("td")
    el = el + 1
        If Elem_td.Align = "center" Then
            ind = ind + 1
            End If
    MsgBox el & " and " & ind   ' if onclick : 42 and 0 (expected 34 and 16)
                                   ' if rowspan : 42 and 42(expected 34 and 34)
                                ' if align = center : 42 and 2 (expected 34 and 2) - > good
                                ' if align = left : 42 and 14 (expected 34 and 14) - > good
                                ' if rowSpan : 42 and 42 (expected 34 and 34)
    1. I noticed that at some point the Intellisense of VBA won't help you anymore to know the available properties/methods so that's why I had to go through a few tests
    2. It seems impossible somehow to do all this step by step because even though the typename returns a valid type, I can't store this in a variable of that same type.
    3. I didn't select one exact element finally, but since (as you can see on the picture) there are a few clickable, I didn't do the "finition".
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