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Setting timezone in Python

Is it possible with Python to set the timezone just like this in PHP:

$Year = date('y');
$Month = date('m');
$Day = date('d');
$Hour = date('H');
$Minute = date('i');

I can't really install any other modules etc as I'm using shared web hosting.

Any ideas?

Answer Source
>>> import os, time
>>> time.strftime('%X %x %Z')
'12:45:20 08/19/09 CDT'
>>> os.environ['TZ'] = 'Europe/London'
>>> time.tzset()
>>> time.strftime('%X %x %Z')
'18:45:39 08/19/09 BST'

To get the specific values you've listed:

>>> year = time.strftime('%Y')
>>> month = time.strftime('%m')
>>> day = time.strftime('%d')
>>> hour = time.strftime('%H')
>>> minute = time.strftime('%M')

See here for a complete list of directives. Keep in mind that the strftime() function will always return a string, not an integer or other type.

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