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How should I structure my arrays

I am a swift and iOS beginner and I am working on an app that will mostly feature tableviews of editable data.
Figure 3-1

The example from Apple's tableview programming guide is a lot like my app in structure. Although my app will be using people and teams, to make it clear I will refer to Apple's example. Using Figure 3-1 as a reference I would like to be able to add, edit and delete Regions, add, edit and delete trails and to edit the properties of the trails. I have succeeded with the trails array and trails properties but now I find I need to organize the trails into regions as well. Should the regions array be an array of array of trails?

I apologize if the question is too broad but I don't know how else to ask it at this stage. I have tried various approaches but one way or the other the data doesn't get edited correctly.

I am just looking for hint of which way to proceed since I have spent many days wrestling with this.

Thank you.

Answer Source

You can have two structs of region and trail. something like below:

struct Trail {
    var location: String
    var distance: Double
    var difficulty: String

struct Region {
    var name:String
    var trails: [Trail] // this will hold array of trails

var regionsArray: [Region] = []

// let create trails first
let trails = [
    Trail(location: "ABC", distance: 1.0, difficulty: "moderate"),
    Trail(location: "DEF", distance: 1.0, difficulty: "easy")

// then create region with its trails
let eastBay = Region(name: "East Bay", trails: trails)

// append and print array of regions

Take note that This is just one way to add region with trails. You can have in loops or assign in array

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