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Objective-C Question

how to Drop multiple pin's on same Location

Hi is that possible to display multiple User Pin's on

at same location Lat Long. see this Bellow Image:-

enter image description here

in This above image i can there is a Two user location pin but Because of same Lat long i can see only one pin. so my question is that is that possible to display multiple pin on same location.

if we can't drop Multiple Pin's on a Same location then it is possible to display multiple
on one pin who contain same location user's info.

Please Guide me how to do this task.

Answer Source

You will need to create a custom MKAnnotation class to do this.

There is no meaning in dropping multiple pins at same position. Instead you can show multiple AccessoryView in same one pin For that you need to create UIView that list all your pin headers which you wish to show.

        [customAnnotationView.contentView addSubview:_contentView];
        customAnnotationView.contentWidth = _contentView.frame.size.width;
        customAnnotationView.contentHeight = _contentView.frame.size.height;

UIView is what you design so you can create that

Something like this can help you.enter image description here

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