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Javascript Question

Google maps integration takes a lot of time to load.

I am using angular-google-maps.min.js
It takes a lot of time to load and it blocks the whole can i reduce the load time?
Here is my code below:

<div flex="100" >
aria-label="Google map">
<ui-gmap-marker ng-repeat="marker in markers"
events="" idkey="">
<img class="img-responsive img-circle" ng-src="{{ FILE_SERVER }}sectors/{{marker.window.Pksectorid}}/{{marker.window.Pksectorid}}large.jpeg" err-src="assets/images/img.jpg" />
Shop Name : {{marker.window.title}} -
Employees # : <a ui-sref="employees({ sectorid: {{ marker.window.Pksectorid }} })">{{ marker.window.Employeecount }}</a>

Answer Source

I found the reference here :

<ui-gmap-google-map center='' zoom='map.zoom'>
  <ui-gmap-markers models="markers" coords="'self'" modelsbyref="false"/>

Used ui-gmap-markers instead of ui-gmap-marker with ng-repeat.

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