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How to make a Scanner in Java not care about punctuation

I know how to make a Java Scanner not care about the uppercase or lowercasing, but how do I make it so that it doesn't care about punctuation? I want to do this so that I don't have to type all of this:

if (mirioutput.equalsIgnoreCase("You're an idiot.") ||
mirioutput.equalsIgnoreCase("Your an idiot.") ||
mirioutput.equalsIgnoreCase("You're an idiot") ||
mirioutput.equalsIgnoreCase("Youre an idiot") ||)
//code goes here

By the way, I'm trying to make a Siri-like program that will respond to what you type, if you're wondering why the text says "You're an idiot."


you can remove all none alphabatical and digits characters

      mirioutput = mirioutput.replaceAll("[^A-Za-Z9-0]","");