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Cut off the field from JSON string

I have a JSON string like this:


I want to cut off the field
, however I don't know apriori the values like
. So, it might be e.g.
or whatever. The goal is to get the json string without the field

How to do it? Should I use


I tried to use
JacksMapper.readValue[Map[String, String]]
to get only fields that I need. But the problem is that
"ids":["740"]` throws the parsing error because it's an array. So, I decided to cut off this field before parsing, though it's an ugly solution and ideally I just want to parse the json string into Map.

Answer Source

Not sure what JackMapper is, but if other libraries are allowed, my personal favourites would be:


val jsonString = """{"id":"111","name":"abc","ids":["740"],"data":"abc"}"""
val json = Json.parse(jsonString).as[JsObject]
val newJson = json - "ids"


import io.circe.parser._

val jsonString = """{"id":"111","name":"abc","ids":["740"],"data":"abc"}"""
val json = parse(jsonString).right.get.asObject.get // not handling errors
val newJson = json.remove("ids")

Note that this is the minimal example to get you going which doesn't handle bad input etc.

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