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where clause not working with like query

I have a search query and when I search all like keywords work properly the records are showing with the matched criteria, but the problem is that where clause in not working.

$position = $this->session->set_userdata('position', $this->input->post('position'));
$adress_all = explode(",", $this->session->userdata('address'));
$this->db->like('address', $adress_all[0]);
$this->db->or_like('game', $this->session->userdata('skills'));
$this->db->or_like('gender', $this->session->userdata('coach'));
$this->db->or_like('Positions', $this->session->userdata('position'));
$this->db->where('type', 'private');//all other type coaches is also showing up
$sql = $this->db->get('coach');

Please help me out with this will really appreciate your help'

Thank You

Answer Source

Try below things.

$this->db->where('type', 'private');//all other type coaches is also showing up
$this->db->where("(address LIKE '%". $adress_all[0]."%' OR game LIKE '%".$this->session->userdata('skills')."%' OR gender LIKE '%".$this->session->userdata('coach')."%' OR positions LIKE '%".$this->session->userdata('position')."%')",null,false);
$sql = $this->db->get('coach');
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