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Bash Script Properties File Using '.' in Variable Name

I'm new to bash scripting and have a question about using properties from a .properties file within a bash script.

I have seen a bash properties file that uses'.' between variable names, for example:

and I've seen them called from within a script like:

echo ${}

But when I try to set this property I get an error:

./ line 5: ${}: bad substitution

I can use properties if I do it without '.' in the variable names, and include the props file:

echo ${this_prop_one}

I would really like to be able to use '.' in the variable names, and, if at all possible, not have to include . in the script.

Is this possible?


Thanks for your answers! Well, then this is strange. I'm working with a bash script that looks like this (a service for glassfish):


start() {
sudo ${glassfish.home.dir}/bin/asadmin start-domain domain1


...and there are property files like this (

# glassfish

So, there must be some way of doing this right? Are these maybe not considered 'variables' by definition if they're declared in a properties file? Thanks again.

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Load them into an associative array. This will require your shell to be bash 4.x, not /bin/sh (which, even when a symlink to bash, runs in POSIX compatibility mode).

declare -A props
while read -r; do
  [[ $REPLY = *=* ]] || continue
done <

...after which you can access them like so:

echo "${props[]}"

If you want to recursively look up references, then it gets a bit more interesting.

getProp() {
  declare -A seen=( ) # to prevent endless recursion
  declare propName=$1
  declare value=${props[$propName]}
  while [[ $value =~ $getProp__property_re ]]; do
    if [[ ${seen[$nestedProp]} ]]; then
      echo "ERROR: Recursive definition encountered looking up $propName" >&2
      return 1
  printf '%s\n' "$value"

If we have props defined as follows:

declare -A props=( [glassfish.home.dir]='${app.install.dir}/${}' [app.install.dir]=/install []=target )

...then behavior is as follows:

bash4-4.4$ getProp glassfish.home.dir
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