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Bash Question

How to make awk ignore the field delimiter inside double quotes?

I need to delete 2 columns in a comma seperated values file.
Consider the following line in the csv file:


Now, the result I want at the end:


I used the following command:

awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS=","}{print $1,$4}'

But the embedded comma which is inside quotes is creating a problem, Following is the result I am getting:


Now my question is how do I make awk ignore the "," which are inside the double quotes?

Answer Source

From the GNU awk manual (

$ awk -vFPAT='([^,]*)|("[^"]+")' -vOFS=, '{print $1,$4}' file

and see What's the most robust way to efficiently parse CSV using awk? for more generally parsing CSVs that include newlines, etc. within fields.

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