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CredentialsProvider for the bing map in windows phone 8 application

I was developing a windows phone application in WP7.1, while adding map control we have to set a parameter name "CredentialsProvider". Now i have moved to WP8.0, here while adding map control i am not getting "CredentialsProvider" parameter.
and when i run my application on emulator, it's showing blue square in place of map control, is this because of not setting "CredentialsProvider" ?.
Please Help.

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Well, you don't need to use CredentialsProvider property in wp8 app, as CredentialsProvider property is basically the bing api key which a developer issues from Microsoft to enjoy the extended services of bing maps Like making a route, Reverse GeoCoding, GeoCoding. All these services are available as a pert of the sdk in wp8 hence no need to set the attribute, that attribute was only meant till wp7.

Please let me know the problem and requirement in detail if still you havent got the solution.

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