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what is the best way to get the maximum tps server can support

I have 20 Rest API's build using Jersey and Apache Client.I want to know the max TPS my server can withstand, using JMeter tool.what is the best way to achieve such kind of performance scenario goal.

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  1. First of all build a Test Plan. I believe it should have at least 20 HTTP Request samplers to cover all your endpoints and a HTTP Header Manager to send correct Content-Type header. See Testing SOAP/REST Web Services Using JMeter article for details.
  2. Once you have the Test Plan - run it with 1-2 virtual users to check that it does what it supposed to be doing. Inspect requests and responses details using View Results Tree listener. Modify requests if needed.
  3. Configure your Thread Group(s) so load is increased gradually, i.e. provide reasonable Ramp-Up time
  4. Once you're happy with your test behaviour disable the View Results Tree listener and run your test in non-GUI mode
  5. Analyze the results using i.e. HTML Reporting Dashboard. The value which interests you lives in Hits Per Second graph
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