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How to consume grouped sub streams with mapAsync in akka streams

I need to do something really similar to this

my problem is that I have an unknown number of groups and if the number of parallelism of the mapAsync is less of the number of groups i got and error in the last sink

Tearing down
due to upstream error

I tried to put a buffer in the middle as suggested in the pattern guide of akka streams

groupBy {
case LoglevelPattern(level) => level
case other => "OTHER"
}.buffer(1000, OverflowStrategy.backpressure).
// write lines of each group to a separate file
mapAsync(parallelism = 2) {....

but with the same result

Answer Source

Expanding on jrudolph's comment which is completely correct...

You do not need a mapAsync in this instance. As a basic example, suppose you have a source of tuples

import{Source, Sink}

def data() = List(("foo", 1),
                  ("foo", 2),
                  ("bar", 1),
                  ("foo", 3),
                  ("bar", 2))

val originalSource = Source(data)

You can then perform a groupBy to create a Source of Sources

def getID(tuple : (String, Int)) = tuple._1

//a Source of (String, Source[(String, Int),_])
val groupedSource = originalSource groupBy getID

Each one of the grouped Sources can be processed in parallel with just a map, no need for anything fancy. Here is an example of each grouping being summed in an independent stream:


implicit val actorSystem = ActorSystem()
implicit val mat = ActorMaterializer()
import actorSystem.dispatcher

def getValues(tuple : (String, Int)) = tuple._2

//does not have to be a def, we can re-use the same sink over-and-over
val sumSink = Sink.fold[Int,Int](0)(_ + _)

//a Source of (String, Future[Int])
val sumSource  = 
  groupedSource map { case (id, src) => 
    id -> {src map getValues runWith sumSink} //calculate sum in independent stream

Now all of the "foo" numbers are being summed in parallel with all of the "bar" numbers.

mapAsync is used when you have a encapsulated function that returns a Future[T] and you're trying to emit a T instead; which is not the case in you question. Further, mapAsync involves waiting for results which is not reactive...

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