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OSGI - handling 3rd party JARs required by a bundle

I'm just getting started with OSGI development and am struggling to understand how best to handle dependant JARs.

i.e. if I'm creating a bundle the likelyhood is that I will need to use a few 3rd party JARs. When I create my bundle JAR to deploy to OSGI, obviously these 3rd party JARs are not included and thus the bundle will not run.

I understand that one option is to turn these JARs into bundles and also deploy them to the OSGI container. However if they only need to be used by the one bundle this doesn't seem ideal.

What is the best solution to this? Can the JARs be embedded within the bundle JAR and if so is this a reasonable approach?

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I would almost always bundle each jar separately. OSGi itself is meant for modularization and you take the whole system ad absurdum by not doing this.

If you want to convert JARs into bundles you might want to use the BND Tool written by Peter Kriens. But first I would suggest you look for the bundle in the SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository if they haven't already done the work for you.

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