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How to create Maven Multi Module Project in Intellij?

I using IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2016.1.3,I'm trying to create a maven multi module project. Project company is parent and Project employee and Project skillset as child. Project employee and skillset will having packing as a War but Project company has packing as POM.

enter image description here
my project structure look like this, but i need my project structure to be like below image
enter image description here

and i could not create a class under employee and skillset. How to create a multi module project without having src folder in parent (company)

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Your presumption is correct, the top level project being pom packaging should have no source.

So start by removing (just delete or move elsewhere) the src folder from the top level (and everything under it... main, java, resources, text...)

Now, looking at your modules, they look correct. You can test they are configured properly by control-clicking them from the top pom, and they should navigate to the child pom's.

Lastly you want to set up a source structure under the child projects (which have war packaging). Manually create a folder structure under Employee module src\main\java, right click it and choose Mark As -> Source Root.

Do same for SkillSet and you're done.

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