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Send *ngFor value as parameter on click

I'm making a little application in Angular 2, I'm displaying a table with some data, I wanna get that data when I make a click on my table

Here's the code:

HTML template:

<tr *ngFor="let users of usersdata; let i = index">
<td (click)="data(users.username)">{{users.username}}</td>
<td (click)="data(users.email)">{{users.email}}</td>
<td (click)="data(users.id)">{{users.id}}</td>
<td (click)="data(users.roleId)">{{users.roleId}}</td>

This is my component:

data(data: string) {

When i make click i get this error:

EXCEPTION: Error in .../userslist.component.html:22:16 caused by: self.parent._el_24 is not a function

Answer Source

use [(ngModel)] to make two way binding of your data to your component. like below

<td [(ngModel)]="users.username" (click)="data(users.username)">{{users.username}}</td>

Also try

//$event will hold value and other reference.
data($event: any) {


You can get more reference in angular2 side on [] and () notation

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