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C# Question

Where can I find an unsharp mask for C#?

I have been trying to find a code snippet to do an unsharp mask in C# but cant find one that works or is complete. I found a PHP version but I would like to find one in C# before I go through all the hard work converting this from PHP.

I am just a beginner. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Answer Source

The AForge.NET Framework includes many image processing filters and support plugging your own. You can see it in action in their own Image Processing Lab application.

UPDATE: AForge.NET has a convolution-based sharpen filter (see convolution filters), but there's no mention of an unsharp mask filter per se. Then again, you can use the Gaussian blur filter and subtract the result from the original image, which is basically what the unsharp mask filter does. Or maybe the basic sharpen is enough for your needs.

UPDATE: Looked further, and AForge.NET does have a Gaussian sharpen which seems to be an implemenation of an unsharp mask filter, and you can control some parameters.

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