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Type 'NSAttributedStringKey' (aka 'NSString') has no member 'font'

Just updated pods for xcode 9 and I'm getting the error below for Cosmos.

enter image description here

Type 'NSAttributedStringKey' (aka 'NSString') has no member 'font'

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Note: Ensure swift language version of your project. Here is how you can see/check your swift language version.

enter image description here

You have two options as solution to your query:

  1. If your project has Swift version below 4.0
    - You should choose/download POD compatible to your project's swift language (Share me POD info and swift version, so I can provide you exact pod version version for your pod library suitable for project).

  2. If your project has swift version 4.0
    - You need to migrate your project into Swift (if you've not migrated it) Here is ref question and answer, how to migrate from swift (below) <4.0 to 4.0.

According to tag added by you in your question - Swift3 is your current project language version and pod 'Cosmos', '~> 12.0' is supporting swift 4.

pod 'Cosmos', '~> 12.0'

Here is list of previous release supporting Swift version below 4.0.

Try previous release of cosmos like:

pod 'Cosmos', '~> 11.0.3'
// or
pod 'Cosmos', '~> 11.0.1'
// or
pod 'Cosmos', '~> 11.0.0


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