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Swift Question

Charts with swift

I'm new in iOS development and want to create an app with some charts. I decided to start development with swift because it seemed to be more easy to learn for me as Java developer. But meanwhile I think using objective-c would have been the better choice because AFAIK there is no chart library available that match my criteria:

  • usable with swift

  • has line and bar charts

  • ability to draw charts with date and time axis

  • free to use or low price < 100 USD

Common chart libraries like JBChartView, Core-Plot and iOSPlot do not fulfill my criteria so I'm thinking about either to use a JavaScript chart library in a WebView or switching completely to objective-c

Is it good practice to use a JavaScript chart API in a WebView? If so, may this make problems on different devices with different screen
sizes and orientations? What are common pitfalls with this approach?

Core-Plot release-2.0 works well with Swift

Answer Source

As noted in the comments on the linked Core Plot issue, you can use Core Plot in Swift as long as you use the code from the release-2.0 branch. The changes on that branch resolve the issues with NSDecimal that 1.x versions of Core Plot have.

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