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AngularJS Question

glyphicon input wrong bootstrap angularjs

I have a little problem, When I want to externalize my input, the position of my glyphicon is wrong but I don't know why.

<div class="form-group"
ng-class="{ 'has-error has-feedback': comment_fields.$submitted && comment_fields.test.$invalid }">
<input-test model-ua="$ctrl.test"></input-test>
<span ng-show="comment_fields.$submitted && comment_fields.test.$invalid"
class="glyphicon glyphicon-remove form-control-feedback"></span>

Answer Source

If this is a position placement issue with the glyphicon I would suggest adding this CSS:

  top: 0px;
  left: 0px

You will have to play around with the top and left positions to get it where you need.

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