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MySQL Question

How do I add data to different tables but keep the same id?

What I am trying to do is to add data for a product into a database with MySQL 5.1 and PHP 5.2.12.

I have a table for general fields: name, description, price, number of times purchased, and also I have a table for the images that are associated with that product.

The goal is to have the same id for every image that corresponds to its product. For example, if I add the product to the main table, and its ID gets set to 128, then I want all of its pictures in the picture table to have the id 128.

How do I do this?

Answer Source

You want to use mysql_insert_id(); to get back the autonumbered ID of what you just inserted. You'll then want to use that ID in a link table that links pictures to products.

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