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Loading json data from a file into Postgres

I need to load data from multiple JSON files each having multiple records within them to a Postgres table. I am using the following code but it does not work (am using pgAdmin III on windows)

COPY tbl_staging_eventlog1 ("EId", "Category", "Mac", "Path", "ID")
from 'C:\\SAMPLE.JSON'
delimiter ','

Content of SAMPLE.JSON file is like this (giving two records out of many such):

[{"EId":"104111","Category":"(0)","Mac":"ABV","Path":"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Google","ID":"System.Byte[]"},{"EId":"104110","Category":"(0)","Mac":"BVC","Path":"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Google","ID":"System.Byte[]"}]

Answer Source

Try this:

-- let's create a temp table to bulk data into
create temporary table temp_json (values text) on commit drop;
copy temp_json from 'C:\SAMPLE.JSON';

-- remove this comment to insert records into your table
-- insert into tbl_staging_eventlog1 ("EId", "Category", "Mac", "Path", "ID") 

select values->>'EId' as EId,
       values->>'Category' as Category,
       values->>'Mac' as Mac,
       values->>'Path' as Path,
       values->>'ID' as ID      
from   (
           select json_array_elements(replace(values,'\','\\')::json) as values 
           from   temp_json
       ) a;
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