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C# Question

Default threading model for a .Net application

I am new to programming, so please pardon me for if the question is a silly one-

I want to know that, in an ordinary C# program where we don't create multi-threads manually in the code, does the whole program run on a single main thread OR
there are some other threads created for the execution of program?

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Short answer, there are other threads with the main thread that are required to support the application.

This can be tested in Visual Studio.

Create a simple Console application. Put a debug point, and start debugging. Once the application gets to that debug point, open "Threads" windows by

Debug -> Windows -> Threads 

You will see something like:

enter image description here

Some of the above threads are for debugger, but mostly an app would have main thread, GC (Garbage Collection) and Finalizer thread etc.

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