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C# Question

Create an int column in ListView (Winforms)

Is it possible to create an integer (or DataTime, etc) column in ListView? It is quite important, because I would like to properly sort the list according to this column.

The only way to add subItems to a ListViewItem I found are:


I would like to avoid parsing these strings to get the int representation for every sort!


You could use the Tag property. These little helper functions take care of it:

private void setListItem(int row, int column, int value) {
  ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem item = listView1.Items[row].SubItems[column];
  item.Tag = value;
  item.Text = value.ToString();
private int getListItem(int row, int column) {
  return (int)listView1.Items[row].SubItems[column].Tag;