Kelvin Kelvin - 1 year ago 131
CSS Question

How to set height property for SPAN

I need to make following code stretchable with predefined height

background: url(bg.gif) no-repeat bottom right;
height: 25px;

<span class="title">This is title</span>

But since span is inline element, "height" property won't work.

I tried using div instead, but it will expand up to the width of upper element. And the width should be flexible.

Can anyone suggest any good solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

Give it a display:inline-block in CSS - that should let it do what you want.
In terms of compatibility: IE6/7 will work with this, as quirks mode suggests:

IE 6/7 accepts the value only on elements with a natural display: inline.

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