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No database selected error message

I am changing all my queries that are using PHP MySQL to MySQLi.

I have made a file called db.php with the connection settings.

The file includes

$db = new mysqli('localhost','mysqlusername','mysqlpassword');
echo "<h1>Success database connection</h1>";
if($db->connect_errno > 0)
die('No connection [' . $db->connect_error . ']');

I include the file with:

require_once "/location/db.php";

after that i use:

echo "Not connected, error: ".$db->connect_error;
echo "Connected.";

It echo's Connected so I assume my connection is good.

I have 3 PHP variables which I want to insert in my database table Code

I first echo the variables so I am sure they have content.

After I validated my connection is alright (returned Connected) and echoing the content of the variables I want to do the query with:

$sql = "INSERT INTO 'Code' (`Name`, `Code`, `Admin`)
VALUES ('$name', '$code', '$admin')";
echo $sql;//show query
// Performs the $sql query on the server to insert the values
if ($db->query($sql) === TRUE)
echo 'User Created.';
echo 'Errorcreating : '. $db->error;

I get the message Errorcreating : No database selected

I have the echo $sql to show me the query.

If I copy the query directly in SQL it works like it should.

This is my first time on MySQLi so it's possible I made a very dumb mistake but I can't find it.

Answer Source

Use this

$db = new mysqli('localhost','mysqlusername','mysqlpassword','database');

Also your escape character is wrong don't use single quotes around tablename use backtick operator

$sql = "INSERT INTO `Code` (`Name`, `Code`, `Admin`)VALUES ('$name', '$code', '$admin')"; 
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