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Javascript Question

Deploying angular2 web app on google cloud buckets

So to deploy angular2 app we simply upload all production files to a bucket just as described here. (deploy static website).

But how can we redirect all urls to

so that angular2 router can take care of them. We can set
Main Page
website configuration
of bucket. But we cannot specify that all urls should redirect to

Currently any url other than
Main Page
results in 404 page not found.

There is similar question on SO for amazon S3, but cannot find one for google cloud.

Answer Source

I solved this issue by using a hack, not sure what the proper way to do this. But atleast this worked.

  1. Open storage in console.cloud.google.com. enter image description here

  2. Click edit website configuration in buckets listing. Click far right in row with three dots. And select edit configuratione enter image description here

  3. Enter your main page same as 404 page. The angular routing will work fine this way. enter image description here

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