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What should be contained in a global source code control ignore pattern for Visual Studio 2010?

After installing and using Visual Studio 2010, I'm seeing some newer file types (at least with C++ projects ... don't know about the other types) as compared to 2008. e.g. .sdf, .opensdf, which I guess are the replacement for ncb files with Intellisense info stored in SQL Server Compact files? I also notice .log files are generated, which appear to be build logs.

Given this, what's safe to add to my global ignore pattern? Off the bat, I'd assume .sdf, .opensdf, but what else?

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For C++ projects, you should be fine ignoring the following files:

  • *.sdf and *.opensdf (temporary file opened only while .vcxproj/.sln is loaded to Visual Studio IDE)
  • *.suo
  • *.vcxproj.user
  • ipch folder, if your project uses Pre-compiled Headers (PCH); it is a storage for Intellisense compiler which can now utilise PCH for better performance

For C# projects, it's also a good idea to ignore bin and obj directories, and *.suo too.

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