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How to monitor a process in Linux CPU, Memory and time

How can I benchmark a process in Linux? I need something like "top" and "time" put together for a particular process name (it is a multiprocess program so many PIDs will be given)?

Moreover I would like to have a plot over time of memory and cpu usage for these processes and not just final numbers.

Any ideas?

Answer Source

Following are the tools for monitoring a linux system

  1. System commands like top, free -m, vmstat, iostat, iotop, sar, netstat etc. Nothing comes near these linux utility when you are debugging a problem. These command give you a clear picture that is going inside your server
  2. SeaLion: Agent executes all the commands mentioned in #1 (also user defined) and outputs of these commands can be accessed in a beautiful web interface. This tool comes handy when you are debugging across hundreds of servers as installation is clear simple. And its FREE
  3. Nagios: It is the mother of all monitoring/alerting tools. It is very much customization but very much difficult to setup for beginners. There are sets of tools called nagios plugins that covers pretty much all important Linux metrics
  4. Munin
  5. Server density: A cloudbased paid service that collects important Linux metrics and gives users ability to write own plugins.
  6. New Relic: Another well know hosted monitoring service.
  7. Zabbix
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