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Why is Spring @Configuration class inheritance not working as expected?

I have an abstract Spring configuration class that includes a common bean:

public abstract class AbstractConfig {
public CommonBean commonBean {
CommonBean commonBean = new CommonBean();
commonBean.specifics = getSpecifics();

public abstract String getSpecifics();

The common bean's specifics are set by its subclasses:

package realPackage;
public class RealConfig extends AbstractConfig {
public String getSpecifics() {
return "real";


package testPackage;
@ComponentScan(basePackages = {"testPackage", "realPackage" })
public class TestConfig extends AbstractConfig {
public String getSpecifics() {
return "test";

My test only needs to use the
and shouldn't know about the
(but does need access to other components in
). It begins:

@ContextConfiguration(classes = TestConfig.class)
public class MyIntegrationTestIT { //... }

With the code above, this works as expected and uses the
specifics. But if I reverse the order of packages in the
, the
specifics are used instead. This is baffling me - am specifying the
so surely it should be calling the overridden method on this? Could anyone advise as to the reasons Spring does this and how it might be resolved?

Answer Source

The issue turned out to be due to a lack of understanding on my part of how beans annotated with @Configuration are picked up by a component scan.

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