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How to search if the key value in an array exists in another array, using PHP?

I need a help. I have two arrays. I need to check if the values in first array are present in second or not. The arrays are as:


Here, I need to check if each value from first array is present inside second array or not. If yes, then should return
at each time.

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Here you go, you can use the in_array() for PHP.

$maindata=array( array('id'=>3),array('id'=>7),array('id'=>9) );
$childata=array( array('id'=>7),array('id'=>11),array('id'=>3),array('id'=>123) );

foreach( $maindata as $key => $value )
  if( in_array( $value, $childata ) )
    echo true;
    echo false;

You could also remove the whole if else and replace with a single line.

echo ( in_array( $value, $childata ) ? true : false );

Reference -

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