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Firebase Invalid bitcode version

Is it possible to Archive a project that using some Firebase SDKs using xcode v7.3.1 ? I tried so but got this

Invalid bitcode version (Producer: '800.0.38.0_0' Reader: '703.0.31_0')

pod 'FirebaseRemoteConfig'
pod 'FirebaseDatabase'
pod 'FirebaseCore'
pod 'FirebaseMessaging'
pod 'FirebaseAuth'
pod 'FirebaseCrash'

The problem is Firebase depends on
which is build in xcode v8.x if I am not mistaken

Answer Source

The above error came out and perform the Archive for app application

The workaround is as follows the Build Settings> Enable Bitcode to NO

Disabling ENABLE BITCODE does not have any adverse effect on product archive. Since this is an optional flag for Apple, so you can disable it unless Apple makes it required flag in the future. For more details, you can refer to Bitcode Enabling/Disabling

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