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I Need Bigger Font in Python IDLE

Context for why I'm asking:

I am currently teaching a course on Python. I am using IDLE to show basic syntax in the shell. My screen is projected onto a large screen. The maximum font size in IDLE's preferences is 22. This is decently sized, but when projected, the students in the back have trouble seeing it. I don't want to use a different IDE or text editor, because I want the class to easily follow along, and write and execute along with my examples.

What I am asking:

I need larger font in IDLE. The max font size is 22. Is there a way to manipulate this in my local installation? Or does anyone know of an extension for IDLE that fixes this issue?

Answer Source

The font size selection had ended with 22 for at least 15 years. It is set by this statement in (or configdialog in 3.6). It is about line 1000.

    self.optMenuFontSize.SetMenu(('7', '8', '9', '10', '11', '12', '13',
                                  '14', '16', '18', '20', '22'), fontSize )

Extend the sequence as you wish, such as to

    self.optMenuFontSize.SetMenu(('7', '8', '9', '10', '11', '12', '13',
                                  '14', '16', '18', '20', '22',
                                  '25', '30', '35', '40'), fontSize )

At present, you will have to re-patch every time you update.

This tracker issue is about changing font size within a window with key or mousewheel. The use case of projecting is mentioned. Now that I know this is a real, not hypothetical issue, I will make this issue a higher priority. If you tell me what size you need, I might extend the fixed list something like the above.

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