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Apache Configuration Question

How to save something that I do on nifi.?

I am new to apache NIFI. I was kind of wondering where is the save button. I tried a sample from a tutorial that I saw on youtube. I would like to save all the processors that I created for future reference. I don't see any save button. Is is possible to save my work open later.? Or open in another machine.?

Please Help.

Answer Source

Apache NiFi automatically saves your flow for you. The flow configuration file is stored in ./conf/flow.xml.gz by default. NiFi also maintains an archive of previous versions in ./conf/archive. See the Core Properties settings for changing these settings. It is possible to backup and restore the flow configuration through these files.

Apache NiFi also has a Templates feature that makes it easy to save a selection from your flow, export it from the UI, and share it with other NiFi installations. Templates may be a closer approximation of a "save" button.

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