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PHP Question

woocommerce change related products text

I found a solution online for this but it does not seem to work.

It says to edit the below file which I did a few days ago but somehow it is not working still.


Which if I FTP to the server the file shows the below:

if ( $products->have_posts() ) : ?>

<div class="related products">

<h2><?php _e('You may also like', 'woocommerce' ); ?></h2>

However the webpage still shows 'Related products' and not 'You may also like'

For some reason this is not taking place or being over ridden somewhere.

Any ideas?

Answer Source

The best way to override default templates is to copy the file to a folder named /woocommerce/single-product inside your current theme. Make changes to that file.

In general to override Woocommerce template files like


you copy the file to


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