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Javascript Question

Bypass open links js limitation

I pretty often need to open ~40-50 links from some page in tabs in firefox.

I'm curently writing user script for this, but have a problem. Firefox silently doesn't allow to open more than 20 tabs. Is there any way to bypass this limitation? It is for personal use, so I can change browser settings if it can help.

I have code like this:

if ($("article").length > 19)
// show me 40, all elements have the same structure

$("article").each(function() {
// open only 20 tabs, no errors in console.

Answer Source

You can alter the number of allowed tabs in the about:config section.

  • Open a new tab and type about:config.
  • search for pop
  • Find dom.popup_maximum in the list, double-click it, and edit your desired amount of tabs.
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