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Is my Idea possible in VB.Net ? If no which lang should I take

I have a nice Idea in my head.
Im thinking about writing an application in VB.Net, that can control USB ports.
The purpose will look like:
Im at home, I wannt a ready hot coffee as Im in my office. So i take my phone and I write a mail to adres (example) The body of the mail is "DO_A_Coffee"
The application, running on my laptop in the office gets the mail.
It recognizes the string "DO_A_COFFEE" and uses the usb port to activate the prepared Machine to make my coffee.

I know that VB.NET has a tool for USB connections, but I have no experience with that.
But at all, is this even possible in

Answer Source

found with Google (VB.NET Serial port)

Sub SendSerialData(ByVal data As String)
    ' Send strings to a serial port.
    Using com1 As IO.Ports.SerialPort = 
    End Using
End Sub
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