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Expected Sequence expression swift 3

I'm using a loop to set the original image for tab bar items so the unselected state isn't gray (my original icons are white). However, it looks like the recent Xcode 8 update broke the code:

for (items in 0 ..< tabBar.items!.count ){
let tabItemIndex = tabBar.items![items]
tabItemIndex.image = tabItemIndex.image!.withRenderingMode(UIImageRenderingMode.alwaysOriginal)


I'm getting the following errors on the first line:
Expected 'in' after for-each pattern
Expected Sequence expression for for-each loop
, and
Expected pattern

Can anyone please help me fix this solution? It worked great until today.


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for x in y is an actual expression in Swift. You cannot break it up with parentheses, for (x in y) — that separates the for from the in and causes the expression to seem like nonsense to the compiler.

So, delete the parentheses and all will be well.