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angularjs - Add multiple hard-coded options to select box with ng-options

I have a select box that is populated with

. I know you can add a default option manually, like so:

<select ng-model="selectedAddress" ng-init="selectedAddress = selectedAddress || address_dropdown[0].value" ng-change="handleStoredAddressClick2()" ng-options="a.dropdown_display for a in address_dropdown" id="address_dropdown">
<option value="" ng-selected="selected">Add a new address</option>

Is there any way (in angular) to add multiple options? The client now wants to have the first, default option say "Select from addresses", and have the Add New Address option shown above be the last option in the list, after all the populated options from

(I know I could use jQuery to add that option, but would rather keep it all angular if possible.)

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EDIT 2: To you, downvoters: You may notice, this post is from march 2014. Use the source, Luke! (I am not into angularJs anymore)

EDIT: this wont work "If you want the model to be bound to a non-string" as Emmy mentioned!

try this:

    <select ng-model="YourModel">
      <option value="" ng-selected="selected">an option</option>
      <option ng-repeat="item in items">{{item.name}}</option>
      <option value="">another option</option>

have a nice weekend!

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