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angular2 event listening on *NgFor iterative variable

I've been exploring angular2 as a way to solve a particular data binding challenge.

I have a javascript array of objects, essentially a database recordset, which I present in a UI as an html table. I have various menus and inputs on each row to allow the user to modify the underlying recordset.

The overall workflow is that the user loads a recordset from an external database, manipulates it in UI, then commits the edits back to the database.

Below is a typescript code snippet of the data table component:

selector: 'employee_table',
template: `
<h2>{{ title }}</h2>
<th colspan=6>Name</th>
<th>Suggested Total Pay</th>
<th>Total Pay Override</th>
<tr *ngFor="#ee of ee_data" [className]=ee.tr_classes [class.selected]="ee.is_selected">
<td *ngFor="#x of ee.mgmt_spacer"></td>
<td [attr.colspan]="[6-ee.mgmt_tier]">{{}}</td>
<td>{{ee.suggested_tct | currency:'USD':true:'1.0-2'}}</td>
<td><input type="text" placeholder="e.g. $100,000"></td>
<td><textarea rows="1" placeholder="Explain Override" autoGrow ></textarea></td>
<td class="txt_btn dr_toggle_btn"
(click)="drToggle($event)">{{ee.show_direct && '-' || '+'}}</td>
<td class="txt_btn desc_toggle_btn">{{ee.show_descendants && '--' || '++'}}</td>
<span class="table_return">Back to Top</span>
providers: [EmployeeTableService],
directives: [AutoGrowDirective]
export class EmployeeTableComponent{
title: string = "Employee Data";

constructor(employeeTableService: EmployeeTableService){
this.ee_data = employeeTableService.getData();

alert('HEY! ''; ';


I'm struggling with how to use the event listener defined in the template to pass a handle for the javascript object to

I would like to expose the underlying javascript array (the recordset
) to a processing function that edits that recordset, leaving angular to automatically update the html.

However, it seems that all I can do is pass the $event keyword. I could conceivably interrogate
to get the parent
, then look in the html values of its
elements to find enough info to locate the corresponding record in the javascript object, but this seems very roundabout.

In the ts template, there is a iterative variable
that is used to build out the html table from the javascript array. Is there any way I can pass this same
variable to my event listener directly?

Answer Source
<tr *ngFor="let ee of ee_data"

You can just pass the iteration variable ee

The syntax to declare a variable in *ngFor is let instead of # since several months already.

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