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Java Question

Outputting 6 numbers per line from a loop

I'm trying to write a very basic code (early stages of learning java) that takes takes a number (done by manually editing the code, per teacher's request (i.e. no scanner)) and then prints all of it's multiples up to a certain max (also something imputed manually in the code). I have the code working for the loops, values, etc. - it's just that we have to include 2 ways to print it. One way is easy, with each number on a new line. The other way is much harder - each line has 6 numbers, right intended, separated by a few spaces. I know that %(x/y/z/a/b/c)f will print strings/ints/doubles/etc. right justified with spacing based on the x/y/z/a/b/c, but I don't know how to automatically start a new line after 6 numbers.

import java.util.*;
public class IncrementMax
public static void main(String[] args)
Scanner sc = new Scanner(;

int maxvalue = 200; // these top 2 values have to be adjusted to suit the program to your needs
int incvalue = 5;
int increment = incvalue;
int max = 200;

System.out.println("I will print the multiples of " + increment + ", up to " + max + ". Do you want each number on a different line (y/n)?");
String yesno =;

if (yesno.equalsIgnoreCase("y"))
for(increment=incvalue; increment<(max+incvalue); increment=increment+incvalue)
else if (yesno.equalsIgnoreCase("n"))
for (increment=incvalue; increment<(max+incvalue); increment=increment+incvalue)
System.out.print(increment + ". ");

Here's the code I have so far.

Also - seeing as this is for school, unless it's absolutely necessary for the formatting I'd rather not change any of the other code as then it really wouldn't be my own work.

Answer Source

This is a relatively simple use of the % operator:

for (increment = incvalue; increment < max + incvalue; increment += incvalue) {
    if (increment % (incvalue * 6) == 0)
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