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How to prevent Slick from updating the primary key column?

I'm writing a dao for updating a model user; here is the code:

case class User(id: Option[String] = None, username: String, password: String)

object Users extends Table[User]("user") {

// .... some column defines

def * = id.? ~ username ~ password <>(User, User.unapply _)

def byId(id: String) = Query(Users).filter( === id)

// will be None since id is passed as parameter.
def update(id: String, user: User)(implicit session: Session) = {

I got this error :

[error] JdbcSQLException: NULL not allowed for column "id"; SQL statement:
[error] update "user" set "id" = ?, "username" = ?, "password" = ? where "user".
"id" = 'RBq0kJAs' [23502-168] (

It seems Slick generates a SQL statement which updates the primary column "id", which has no point.
How can the id column be removed from the generated update query?

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Answer Source

According to the Slick Documentation:

Updates are performed by writing a query that selects the data to update and then replacing it with new data.

So since your query selects the id, the update statements attempts to replace it. – You may want to check out the example in the documentation (see link above).

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