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Laravel Modify collection data

I wonder if Laravel have any helper to modify a collection. What I need to do is to make a query with paginate() then check if the logged in users ID match the sender or reciever and based on that add a new value to the output:

$userId = Auth::guard('api')->user()->user_id;
$allMessages = Conversation::join('users as sender', 'conversations.sender_id', '=', 'sender.user_id')
->join('users as reciver', 'conversations.recipient_id', '=', 'reciver.user_id')
->orderBy('last_updated', 'desc')
->select('subject','sender_id','recipient_id','sender_unread','recipient_unread','last_updated','reciver.username as receivername','sender.username as sendername')

Now I want to do something like:

if ( $allMessages->sender_id == $userId ) {
//add new value to output
newField = $allMessages->sendername
} else {
//add new value to output
newField = $allMessages->receivername

Then send the data with the new value added

return response()->json(['messages' => $allMessages],200);

Is this possible?

Answer Source

You're better off using the Collection class's built-in functions for this. For example, the map function would be perfect.

$allMessages = $allMessages->map(function ($message, $key) use($userId) {
    if ($message->sender_id == $userId) {
        $message->display_name = $message->receivername;
    } else {
        $message->display_name = $message->sendername;

    return $message;
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