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HTML Question

Why isn't my page working when the same when I view it on my phone?

Here's a link my page: https://intense-bayou-64974.herokuapp.com/

I built it originally for PC, and then made adjustments with media queries and some jQuery code to adapt to a smaller scree size. It works well in my browser on my desktop PC when I resize the window, but as soon as I looked at it on my phone it had a white margin that took up half the screen real estate and none of my media queries seemed to take in effect. What am I doing wrong here?

Answer Source

It the green circles–I can view your site in chrome and 'scroll left' and see it's overflowing the container. See here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7lmks1wo6e2qajx/Screenshot%202016-11-02%2014.50.14.png?dl=0

If you add overflow: hidden to .categories you can see the problem not occurring.

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